Almond Cinnamon

Milk chocolate

Absolute killer. A bite-sized declaration of love. Love that burns directly into the soul of your taste buds. Forever and ever.

Ingredients: almonds, cinnamon and creamy Belgian milk chocolate.


Cocos Rocks

Milk Chocolate

Your rock. Crispy with a fluffy flair. A promise that is kept forever.

Ingredients: puffed rice, coconut and creamy Belgian milk chocolate.


Peanut Rocks

Milk chocolate

The friend you can count on. Strong with a big heart. A mouth full of ‘beauty and beast’..

Ingredients: creamy Belgian milk chocolate and crispy peanuts.


Dark Cranberry

Dark chocolate

North and south united in one bite. Dark and deep. Chocolate for adventurers and daredevils. For people without boundaries.

Ingredients: pure Belgian chocolate and juicy cranberries.