Organic product Range

We are quite proud here at Chokay. Proud of our new product line. Delicious “bites” in a combination of dark chocolate and a date filling in five varieties. The chocolate is made without added sugar and without sweeteners. Thanks to the natural sugars from the dates, it has exactly the right sweetness. In addition to being organic, all products are also vegan. We would like to introduce them to you:

Pure Dates: the basis of the product line, from whole dates we make a creamy filling that we cover with our dark chocolate without added sugar and sweeteners

Almond Speculoos: we add pieces of almond and speculoos spices to the dates, a taste sensation that evokes fond memories of winter and Christmas time for many

Almond, Walnut & Sea Salt: for a slightly more savoury bite, we combine the dates with walnuts and almonds, and add sea salt and a hint of white pepper

Figs, Incaberry & Seeds: a taste explosion of sweet figs and fresh inca berries, with a delicious crunch of fig seeds and sunflower seeds

Apricot, Ginger & Lime: sweet and sour perfectly balanced in this combination of dates, apricots, ginger and lemon

Keep an eye on our website and our ‘socials’ for all points of sale where Chokay Organic Bites will appear on the shelves in the coming months.

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